This was developed by Dr. Steven Stosny, and directed by Dr, Solovey at the Relationship Therapy Center.  CompassionPower offers scientifically based educational programs to strengthen the sense of self, increase internal power, deepen emotional connections among loved ones and community members, and eliminate abuse of self and others. These programs, scientifically evaluated show increases in: Marital satisfaction, quality parent-child interactions, cohesiveness in organizations, churches and civic groups, individual self-esteem and well being, communication skills, and strategies to increase empowerment. They also show reductions in: divorce, physical and psychological abuse, anger-hostility, and anxiety.

EMDR- (Level II Certification)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an amazing new form of therapy that uses rapid eye movement to quickly heal many emotional problems that formerly took years with more traditional methods of therapy. Until a few years ago, certain conditions were very resistant to treatment and were considered to be lifetime disabilities. Some of the areas it has been extremely successful with are PTSD, trauma, childhood wounds, abuse, irrational thoughts, fears, phobias, anxiety, and panic.. Dr. Solovey and Dr. Hillner have obtained the highest level certification with this therapy. See more about this at

Helping your Child(ren) with Divorce

PDF Brochure - Divorce Seminar

This is a four hour class designed to help parents help their children through the trauma of divorce and, to hopefully, keep them out of the "middle." While divorce is not easy for anyone, conflict following divorce is the best predictor of long term emotional trauma for children and teens. The seminar helps parents recognize the immediate and long term emotional and behavioral problems seen in children and how to assist them. A discussion of stress management for divorcing parents will be presented. The presenter provides an overview of relevant laws in divorce and custody cases, models for custody and visitation, methods of effective communication, and alternatives to litigation.

Imago Relationship Therapy

The mission of Imago Relationship Therapy is to help couples find a safe and rewarding relationship. We recognize couples move from romantic love to the difficult stage of trying to change each other to meet unfilled needs. Through the use of special communication techniques and conflict management tools, we help transform you and your partner to a conscious and productive relationship so you can achieve "true" love. By stopping the cycle of wounding in relationships, we ultimately contribute to future loving relationships and the healing of our society.

Imago Relationship Therapy helps to rediscover the joy of being together. The goals are: to provide a conceptual understanding of relationships and marriage, to provide relationship skills training, to shift couples from blame to cooperation, to develop constructive ways to express anger and resolve conflict, to facilitate the healing process, and to renew passion and pleasure in your relationship.

It's purpose is to support the improvement of adult love relationships as a resource for emotional healing and spiritual evolution. The therapy is for couples who want to improve their relationship and singles who want to prepare for a successful marriage.

Anxiety Management

PDF Brochure - Anxiety Treatment Program

Anxiety disorders effect at least 40% of our population. No wonder, given the pace of or existence and amount of stress we confront each day. There are a cluster of disorders including: Phobias, Panic states, Generalized Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There are clusters of symptoms associated with each disorder. Sleep disturbance, hyper-alertness, guilt, impaired concentration, intrusive thoughts, feelings of detachment, obsessions, compulsions, tension, worry, ruminations, fatigability, and inability to relax are among the many symptoms associated with anxiety. Diagnosis is key to appropriate treatment.

Dr. Solovey and Dr. Hillner work with anxiety disorders and have developed thorough treatment methods specifically for the different types.